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2021 Open Water Sessions now open for booking!


Training in the Open Water is a key component for any swimmer who wishes to experience the freedom and enjoyment that the ocean, lakes and rivers.  Having first hand knowledge of all types of open water under the supervision and guidance of an experienced open water triathlon coach will give you the confident and skills to reach your goals.


Open water swimming has increased in popularity in recent years. There are many benefits to being comfortable swimming in open water which include safety, relaxation, fitness, socialising and sport participation. At Swim Smooth Ireland we cater for all open water swimmers regardless of your goal. Our passion is supporting swimmers through education on stroke technique to improve efficiency. 



Pool to Open Water

Transitioning from a warm pool with clear water into open water and be daunting. Many people experience fear when faced with limited underwater visibly, low water temperature and aquatic life. We have a wealth of experience in helping swimmers immerse themselves into a new world and discover the wonders of open water swimming.

Train to complete or compete!

Many athletes challenge themselves to complete a triathlon, having some experience at running and cycling. Swimming is generally their weakest discipline much to their frustration. Learning how to be more efficient in the water and preparing you for all of the challenges that open water racing presents, is our forte. If you have a swim goal, we will help to get you there!

If you want the highest quality swim coaching known to fishkind and are serious about improving your enjoyment and swimming efficiency for whatever purpose, then Swim Smooth Ireland is for you!

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