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Our 2024 Training Pool Squads now open for booking!

The Swim Smooth coaching methodology is what makes pool  training more effective, engaging and enjoyable. Learn the WHAT and the WHY when it comes to your swim technique and fitness.


Join us for PHASE 4&5 in our annual training plan, commencing Wednesday 6th March in Killashee Leisure Centre, Naas, Co Kildare. Squad members travel from Meath, Offaly, Dublin and Kildare to train with squad each week!

Here is an overview of the annual squad training schedule below. Please note that membership of Killashee Leisure is not a prerequisite for squad participation.



Technical Development Phase

Main emphasis: Understanding and Advancing Technique.

Secondary emphasis: Developing targeted muscle endurance and power.


Foundation Building Phase

Main emphasis: Cultivating targeted muscle endurance and power and refining technique.

Secondary emphasis: Learning to manage training intensity and adaptation.


Power Amplification Phase

Main emphasis: Fine-tuning and Technique.

Secondary emphasis: Enhancing targeted muscle endurance and power. Achieving exceptional speed.


Open Water Skill Enhancement Phase

Main emphasis: Enhancing Open Water Skills and Technique.

Secondary emphasis: Strengthening targeted muscle endurance and power. Adapting to open water conditions.

Competition Phase

Main emphasis: Competence in Racing Skills and Technique.

Secondary emphasis: Strengthening targeted muscle endurance and power. Shifting focus in training.

Here is a breakdown of the sessions available (spaces are strictly limited):

  • Monday 6pm (9 weeks) Phase 4&5

  • Monday 7pm (9 weeks) Phase 4&5

  • Wednesday 6.10am (10 weeks) Phase 4&5

  • Wednesday 9.30am (10 weeks) Phase 4&5

  • Thursday 6.10am (10 weeks) Phase 4&5 NEW!!







This is our primary group of swimmers and triathletes, comprising 65% of our membership. They require assistance in developing their skills, overall improvement, building confidence, effective training sessions, and achieving specific fitness goals. They may lack confidence or believe that certain workouts are beyond their capabilities. They receive more personalised guidance and support. None of them are "Race Ready" yet. Some may have concerns about open water swimming or have had negative experiences in the past. We have a spot reserved just for you!



This category consists of athletes who possess some experience in swimming, either through individual practice or participating in Masters groups. They make up 28% of our membership. They might have completed a triathlon/open water swim event before. While they have a moderate level of expertise, they are seeking further refinement in their techniques, optimal comfort in the water, effective training routines, and better stroke mechanics. They also require additional preparation to become "Race Ready" for both pool and open water events. We have a spot reserved just for you!



This group comprises 7% of our membership and consists of athletes who have extensive experience, are highly skilled, and generally prepared for races. They are the professionals and competitive age-group participants who seek coaching refinements to gain a competitive edge. They can still improve by implementing effective racing strategies and enhancing their athletic intelligence in open water and pack situations. They require optimised training sessions for both pool and open water activities. We have a spot reserved just for you!


Requirements for all squad levels: Must be able to swim 200m continuously, maintaining side breathing with the head submerged in water.




Tailored to deliver precise swim guidance, practical workout routines, and informative lessons that motivate participants and ensure the safety and optimal performance of open water swimmers in their events and triathletes in their swim leg.


Led by: Accomplished triathlon swim coach and founder of SWIMSMOOTH IRELAND, Maxine Strain, alongside the esteemed relief coaching staff from time to time.


Format of Coached Sessions:

Start time-10 min: Gentle swim (without exerting too much effort).

10-20 minutes: Gradual warm-up integrating technique instructions and drills.

20-30 minutes: Comprehensive understanding of intervals, heart rate progression, and varying levels of exertion.

30 min – conclusion: Seasonal training session focused on intervals for enhanced performance along with a cool down.



Precise swim technique guidance.

Coaching on training principles and workouts.

Tailored instruction for race-specific preparations.



If you implement changes from coach feedback, your swim technique will witness notable improvements.

You will experience enhanced speed in your swimming.

Your confidence will soar.



Pull buoy 

Ankle strap (you can use an old bike tyre tube)

Central snorkel (NEW FOR 2023/4)

Hand paddles (FINIS Agility Paddles). No substitutions please

Fins (training size, not scuba diving size)

Tempo Trainer (for working with swim cadence rates and threshold development)

StretchCordz, swimming cords (specific for strength and power enhancement)



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