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At Swim Smooth Ireland our philosophy is about being all-inclusive and we love to see swimmers – both new and old - achieve their full potential. We offer a broad range of swim coaching and teaching and cater for all ages and abilities. If you are new to swimming we can help you build confidence in the water, whether indoors or in open water. If you are already an experienced swimmer, we can help you improve your swim technique, speed and reach your swim goals. Our speciality is working on improving frontcrawl technique for open water swimming and competition.


Our services include;

  • 1 to 1 teaching and coached swims both indoors and in open water.

  • Group Squad training, mostly indoor, but also in open water whenever we can.

  • Premium video analysis and stroke correction. This service can be provided at an indoor pool but also at our own Endless Pool facility which is located 30 minutes from Dublin in south Kildare.

  • For triathlon or open water swimming groups, we provide half or full day video analysis and stroke correction clinics which we carry out in an indoor pool.

Every swimmer who comes to us is fully assessed and their goals and needs are discussed before we determine the most appropriate coaching approach for them. We look forward to you joining us at Swim Smooth Ireland!



Maxine is a Swim Smooth and ITU Triathlon coach, who has a particular focus on developing swimmers and triathletes for open water swimming.  She works with all levels of swimmers, and really enjoys seeing those new to the water develop into confident, open water competitors.


Growing up in South Africa, Maxine spent most of her spare time in the pool, both as a leisure activity and as a competitor in school and youth swim meets in her local area. Later in life, after emigrating to Ireland, Maxine discovered the joys of open water swimming and has been a passionate advocate ever since.


On leaving college a career as a busy business executive beckoned, but Maxine always felt her calling was more suited to flip flops than high heels. Eventually the opportunity arose, and Maxine decided to follow her dream and love of swimming by creating her own swim teaching and coaching business which she called AquaSchool. Maxine offers premium swim video analysis, 1-to-1 swim coaching, adult squad swims, triathlon coaching and swim clinics for triathlon clubs and groups.


In 2020 Maxine was chosen to train as a Swim Smooth Coach which entailed intensive training in Perth, Australia for two weeks. Maxine is delighted to be part of the international Swim Smooth network of coaches.


Coaching qualifications:

Swim Smooth Certified Coach ITU Level 2

Triathlon Coach Swim Ireland

Level 2 Teaching Aquatics

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Training with a team or friends is fun and challenging.

The squad focuses on different aspects that are important to improving your fitness, technique and efficiency in open water swimming.

The program is structured using every swimmer's individual threshold pace (CSS).


All the swim sets cover the key elements but each session has a specific focus;

- Technique

- Building endurance

- Threshold swim speed (CSS)

- Famous Red Mist (Race prep)


Swimming is an essential life skill. It can save your life and let you take part in fun water activities and races. 

It is never too late to learn this life skill. Once mastered it is with you for life. Book a 1-to-1 price swim lesson today!


Take your swimming technique to another level with our famous Swim Smooth Video Analysis session. 

​​Knowing your Swim Type is a game changer in understanding you, your stroke and your training needs.

We believe that every swimmer is an individual and should be treated as such.


A comprehensive stroke correction and development session in a full 1 DAY clinic with to up 6 people.

The clinic is divided into three components;

1) Theory time in a classroom

2) Individual video analysis 

3) Practical pool sessions.

Great way to learn Swim Smooth's unique insight to freestyle swimming.

Fees & Bookings
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Dive on in! The water is always beautiful!

What People are Saying...

From dentists to data managers, mechanics to midwives (and everything in-between), we have a huge range of people from all walks of life finding fun, fitness & friendship here in Co. Kildare both in open water and Killashee Pool whilst most are asleep!


Clare Smyth

As a swim coach Maxine knows people as well as swimming and I think that’s her secret weapon. She knows when to push you and when to cut you some slack but always seems to get the best out of us all. The fun and laughing with the other squad members keeps me coming back but also the sense of achievement after each session. Love it!

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Sit back, relax, and enjoy a collection of our finest YouTube video clips. Watch Mr Smooth himself (Jono Van Hazel) cruise beautifully down the pool, learn how Mega Megan has made the improvements she has, understand what CSS is and how it benefits your swimming, work out how to enjoy your own swimming that little bit more by being a little playful, plus lots, lots more! Enjoy!

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